Test automation services

Software testing an organizational procedure in which crucial software utilized in a business undergoes verification for reliability, quality, and performance.

This testing can be performed manually, particularly for discovery testing and usability testing. However, putting your software designers on regression testing and functional testing is frankly a waste of valuable human resources. Such repetitive testing is best performed via test automation services.

What are test automation services

Test automation means running your software tests automatically, processing the test data, and then applying the results to improve the quality of your newly developed (or long used and unimproved) software features. While test automation can be regarded as being no more than a quality assurance step, it is one that requires the full dedication of your entire software production team, from business analysts through developers to DevOps engineers, getting the greatest benefit out of test automation requires the participation of everyone…. Unless, that is, you secure the services of a subcontractor experienced with getting proper test automation services going.

In VeriSoft we provide these test automation services for you, ensuring that business systems are operating correctly and as expected.

Integrating our test automation services into your organization can upgrade the process from quality assurance to best practice optimization. It will enable you to build new development features that can save you much time and money by reducing maintenance issues. It also assures that newly installed features are fully debugged.

In VeriSoft, we offer test automation services spearheaded by a team of experienced and highly skilled professional, who accompany the entirety of the feature development analysis process from load testing through security testing, to usability testing and more.

Are you testing needs suitable for automation?

There are many criteria for automation but the most critical one is repeatability. There is no point to automating a one-shot test. A repeatable test has essentially three steps:

  1. Test set-up (data and environment).
  2. Function execution and result measurement.
  3. Clean-up of the environment and data.


For the first step, placing the environment in a consistent state for each run of the test is key. If the test seeks to add an existing user, for example, you must ensure the user exists prior to test performance. Once the test is complete, we return the environment to its starting state.

If your testing needs are repeatable and suitable for automation – contact us.

VeriSoft’s extensive expertise and broad knowledge of various industries enables us to pinpoint your specific needs and craft customized automation solutions which precisely meet your unique project requirements.


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