Software testing company in Israel

There is a worldwide trend towards increasing automation of software testing, given the shortage in skilled programmers. Likewise, there is an increasing shift in the design of automated software testing code from generalist developers to dedicated software automation testers.

Nowhere is this need more glaring than in the Start-Up nation, where hi-tech company formation and growth has far outpaced the entry of new programmers into the work force.

Fortunately, VeriSoft stands ready to fill this market need, with offering test automation services spearheaded by a team of experienced and highly skilled professional, who accompany the entirety of the feature development analysis process from load testing through security testing, to usability testing and more.

Our testing services include:

  • Unit tests

These tests examine the code of an application. Typically they are inbuilt in the code itself and target coding standards.

  • Smoke test:

This is a post build test, performed to verify functionality of the application once the build is done.

  • API test:

API testing has won increasing renown over the past decade, particularly following the development of the postman automated API testing.

  • Integration tests:

In these tests, all the modules are integrated, and the functionality of the application post-integration is then tested.

  • UI testing

These tests are performed, in contrast to API testing, on the UI/frontend layer of the application.

  • Regression tests

Another common test, regression is performed once a new module is tested on other modules in the application to ensure none of them have been influenced by it.

  • Continuous integration

Continuous integration is more than repeatedly running the aforementioned regression test. Rather, in CI regression or other defined test suites are run the moment a new deployment is executed.

  • Security tests

Security testing is both a functional and non-functional type of testing. In it the application is tested for any potential weaknesses. Functional tests will address authorization and the like. In contrast, non-functional testing will run cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and so forth.

  • Performance/ quality control tests

Here, we test load, scalability, stress, and so forth.

  • Acceptance tests

These functional tests are performed to ensure all the acceptance criteria benchmarks provided by the client have been met.

Are you looking for professional help in streamlining test automation in Israel? Contact VeriSoft today to discover your high-quality, yet attractively priced, options.



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