Software automation tester

VeriSoft’s software automation testers are dedicated and highly experienced professionals who have been engaged in automated software testing for many years and in numerous software quality assurance settings.

What does their work entail?

Test automation means running your software tests automatically, processing the test data, and then applying the results to improve the quality of your newly developed (or long used and unimproved) software features. While test automation can be regarded as being no more than a quality assurance step, it is one that requires the full dedication of your entire software production team, from business analysts through developers to DevOps engineers, getting the greatest benefit out of test automation requires the participation of everyone…. Unless, that is, you secure the services of a subcontractor experienced with getting proper test automation services going.

What types of automated software testing can be performed?

  • Unit tests

These tests examine the code of an application. Typically they are inbuilt in the code itself and target coding standards.

As of now, such tests are still usually designed by the developers themselves. However, automation testers such as those employed by VeriSoft are increasingly called upon to write them.

If you run these tests and find no bugs, then the code is good to compile and run without any coding issues. It is rate for such test to target functional aspects. As they typically target code only, they are particularly appropriate for automation.


  • Smoke test

This is a post build test, performed to verify functionality of the application once the build is done.

As this is a small test suite which will likely be executed many many times, it too is very suitable for automation.


  • API test:

API testing has won increasing renown over the past decade, particularly following the development of the postman automated API testing.


  • Integration tests:

In these tests, all the modules are integrated, and the functionality of the application post-integration is then tested.

This testing can be performed in either API or UI layer.


  • UI testing

These tests are performed, in contrast to API testing, on the UI/frontend layer of the application.


While UI test automation is common, automation of the GUI features can be quite challenging, necessitating reliance on experienced software automation testers.


  • Regression tests

Another common test, regression is performed once a new module is tested on other modules in the application to ensure none of them have been influenced by it.

As it is repeated after every testing iteration, it is a rare software automation tester team indeed that does not prioritize automating it.


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