Senior Test-Automation

Job title: Insert job title

Where is job located? Any travel etc.?

Perm/contract? Hours? Full? Part time?

Include remuneration if possible

Any special requirements such as weekend work

Job Summary
High level summary of the role including an overview of the job’s main purpose, who the job holder will report to and how the job contributes to the organization’s success. In larger firms, some information about the department the role sits within would be helpful.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
• Bullet pointed list of the job holder’s main responsibilities
• Focus more on broad responsibilities than specific tasks
• Who will they liaise with? What will they manage?
• What work or results will they be accountable for?
• Aim for 6 – 10 concise bullet points in this section

Location & commitments
• List the job’s commitment expectations such as the following;
• Perm or contract
• Full-time / part-time / Hourly
• Hours
• Location
• Any special requirements such as overtime, travel, evening/weekend work etc.

Job Requirements and Qualifications
• Detailed Requirements and Qualifications (Mandatory requirements & Requirements that can bring advantages to the candidates)
• Bullet pointed list of skills, experience and qualifications successful candidates will need
• Be specific as possible, using numbers where possible (e.g. experience managing teams of 10 or more)
• Don’t ask for anything that discriminates against personal traits such as age or sex

Our focus on the job
Detailed topics that are important for MZAGS

Contact us to apply
Write a call-to-action to encourage readers to apply for the job, telling them who to contact and how – including the email address of the recruiter or hiring manager

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