API testing postman

What is API?

API, or application program interface enables communication between separate software applications to communicate. The API code also specifies the way an application requests services from the operating system (OS) or other applications.

What is API testing?

API testing is a subtype of software testing. It is distinguished by its analysis of an API to ensure fulfillment of its intended security, performance, and reliability benchmarks.

Typically, applications have three layers. The data layer, the service layer (this is the API layer), and the presentation layer. The latter is the user interface layer.

The application’s business logic – which includes user interaction, functions and data – is contained within the API layer.

During the API testing this business logic, as well as application and data responses security, are all analyzed. Generally, the test is performed by sending requests to the various API endpoints, and comparing the actual results to the expected results.

Obviously, this process is highly repetitive, and hence frequently automated.

What is postman?

Postman is a scalable API testing tool that can be rapidly integrated into the CI/CD pipeline. It was designed, back in 2012, by Abhinav Asthana as nothing more than a side project intended to simplify the API workflow.

Presently, it is one of the most widely used automated API testing tools in the world. There are several reasons postman has become the tool of choice for automated API testing:

  1. Continuous Integration – Postman supports continuous integration, thereby enabling maintenance of development practices.
  2. Collections – With postman, users generate collections for their Postman API calls. This will help organize your test suites.
  3. Creating Environments –Multiple environments reduce test repetition since you can recycle collections in different environments.
  4. Accessibility – All you need to do to use the Postman tool, is to login. You can access making it any file, anywhere and anytime – provided you install the Postman application on your computer, that is.
  5. Collaboration – You can easily export and import both Collections and environments, thereby sharing files. You can also generate a direct link, thereby sharing collections.
  6. Test – You further improve test coverage by adding test checkpoints.
  7. Automation Testing – You can run tests in multiple iterations via collection runner.
  8. Debugging – with Postman, you can constantly follow data retrieval. Debugging has never been easier!

At VeriSoft, our team of expert and highly experienced developers stand prepared to craft the automated postman-based API testing procedure which is right for your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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